[AI] Deleting Print Jobs.

Amiyo Biswas amiyo.biswas at gmail.com
Mon May 5 05:59:24 EDT 2008


There are several computers in our organisation and three of them are on a lan connection. Most of the userws are absolutely new. It frequently happens that somebody creates a print job and leaves it pending for some reason. The problem is that when something new is sent to the printer, the previous file is printed first. It mostly happens with the Index braille embossers. I notice that cancelling the print jobs from the Printers folder in windows xp does not really delete the print jobs on these lan-connected computers. I can't ask them to use the net print command from command line. I am not quite sure if it will work. Switching the printers off does not solve the problem either. It costs us many braille papers, at times in hundreds. Please help.

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