[AI] Now iPod owners can blast it with Bose system

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Now iPod owners can blast it with Bose system 

Anand Parthasarathy 

SoundDock speakers are now portable; come with iron-boron magnets that can provide 10 times higher energy output 

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The Bose portable Sound Dock is a speaker system for the iPod, but works with other music sources. 

Bangalore: It isn't enough that iPod owners tend to flaunt their iconic music players in public. At least they shuffle through their song lists on their
private head sets - dead to the rest of the world (even if sometimes, a danger to the traffic). 

Now aided and abetted by arguably the world's best known brand in sound, they can 'generously' share their music with the wide world and the rest of us
can like it or lump it. 


Bose has just launched in India, the SoundDock portable music system, which, when you strip away the jargon, is a battery-operated, mains-chargeable, set
of speakers, with which you can 'dock' your iPod. 

Wave guide technology 

Legendary Bose engineering has gone into creating a package that can work for 3 hours on batteries, at full blast by harnessing the company's patented wave
guide technology. They have introduced new iron-boron magnets in the speakers that are supposed to provide 10 times the energy output of conventional systems.

You can also attach other sound sources - even an MP3 player, CD or DVD player with standard cables, but it seems a messy solution compared to the docking
mechanism which is cleverly recessed into the package. 

Portable? Well, yes, if one means, battery-based - and doesn't mind lugging a 2.4 kg package. 

And when we said it sounded great, we were referring only to the acoustics and were momentarily closing our minds to the asking price - Rs.24,637. 

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