[AI] requirement for a free pdf creater

ashish ashish2410 at accessindia.org.in
Sat May 3 14:53:46 EDT 2008

Hello phani srikanth,
There is a Free PDF creator on my site.. please visit:


navigate to the first heading there it will say that heading level one 
test.. now down arrow to the fourth link which will say that test pdf 
click on that link or press enter to open the link.. and now you are on the 
page from where you can creat pdf files very easily..
in this process no e mails required.. just you have to upload the doc file 
and once its created then download the pdf file.. and its done..
hope that this is of help
many thanks
take care
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Subject: [AI] requirement for a free pdf creater

i am in need of an information as regard to whether any free open
source P.D.F creaters are available on which jaws works.
i know that some paid creaters are available which converts doc file
to pdf and vice versa but i would like to know whether any free P.D.F
converting softwares will do that .

Thanks in advance.

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