[AI] Whistleblower students rusticated from college

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Whistleblower students rusticated from college 

Parvaiz Sultan | New Delhi 

In an awful incident of human rights violation, some students of Andh Mahavidhyalaya were forced to leave the institution as they raised their voices against the embezzlement of college fund by a few teachers. 

This fact came to light on Friday, when 12 visually impaired students of the Mahavidhyalaya approached the Delhi High Court with their plight exposing the grave misconduct of officers of the institution. 

Seeking directions against the erring officials, they submitted through their counsel Amar Nath Saini that some teachers harassed the students for raising voice against misappropriation of college fund. 

In their petition, they also mentioned individuals' names, who were involved in embezzlements. 

"Till now, they are misappropriating funds and compelling students, including small blind children, to leave the institution by not providing the facilities aided by the Government, as some of officials of the respondent number 1 (Delhi Government) are also working in collusion with them," petitioners pointed out in their plea while alleging that some of the Government officials are also involved in the misdeed. 

Saini further stated in the court that petitioners had already made several complaints to the Government in this regard. 

The noteworthy aspect of their plea is that the alleged embezzlement of funds, which are meant for the welfare of the visually disabled, has been going on for more than 25 years. In their petition, they submitted, "In 1984, the said teachers and officers were transferred to some other place, and now they have again been appointed in the institute and have started the same thing at a large level." 

"Whenever, any of the blind person raises his voice against the system, he is thrown out of the college without any rules and regulations," the petition says. 

The fifty-year old institution which was established with an objective to make blind students self-reliant by giving training of candles or chair making is in a sordid state. Earlier, it could house about 250 persons, now the strength has been reduced to 30-35. "All embezzlement, corruption, misbehaviour by officials has helped bring down the number of students to 30-35, giving ample opportunities to the institution management and the officials of the Government to make personal benefit of the resources," aggrieved students of the organisation says in the petition. They further stated they are living under constant threats to life.

However, providing interim relief to the petitioners, Justice Rekha Sharma restrained institution to thrown out any such person and granted two weeks time to Andh Mahavidhyalaya and the Government to file their response and fixed May 16 as the next date of hearing.


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