[AI] Lecture by Ms Anuradha Mohit for those who are in Delhi

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Dear list members,
  I totally agree what Dr. Sinha has mentioned in his mail. She is not working for the welfare of the institute or society but for her own welfare. As far as my information goes she had been transferring efficient people to other locations without purpose and harassing them whereas they would have been a greater productive source to the institute. The production of Braille books and other materials has also reduced over the time. 
  Until such selfish people are there, the society cannot progress.
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  > anuradha mohit is definitely has gained her popularity through her
> merit but unfortunately she has done nothing in nivh, as i know it can
> feed all india in books and other supportive measures. people like her
> can deliver lecture like a top beurocrat but can not show their
> potentiality as i saw in mr. advani and in mr. mittal. it is
> unfortunate part that on one hand the world is moving very fast in all
> kind of technology, nivh is working in its fifty years back
> methodology. if someone attends her lecture amongst our list members,
> this should be discussed.
> regards:
> drun.

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