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 Intel duo core for kids
08 March 2007
Intel laptops could soon be replacing the latest playground fad, as the US chipmaker makes a strategic move into Britain's multibillion pound state education market. It is due to launch a playground-proof laptop later this summer which it hopes will be adopted by every school child in the UK.
As reported in the Sunday Telegraph, the new notebooks will be designed for rough handling, similar to the rugged equipment deployed by companies including the AA and British Gas. It is anticipated that the cloth covered laptops, which will be emblazoned with the child's school badge will be less likely to be stolen, even though the initial cost will be in the region of £500.
Sean McGuire, Intel's Head of Education and Government developed the "Pupil Device". They have also signed a memorandum of understanding with England's Specialist Schools and Academics Trust, to offer online ICT training for up to 265,000 teachers by 2011.
A website will also be set up by Intel to provide lesson plans, digital photos, video, maps and other multimedia to teachers. In addition to an Intel sponsored forum where teachers will be able to share experiences regarding subjects and teaching methods.
A vast market of opportunity exists for the chipmaker within the education sector; with 9m British pupils and 450,000 teaching staff, so it makes hard commercial sense for them to be courting this market.
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