[AI] Prepaid internet connection cards from Reliance

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Mon Apr 28 07:13:07 EDT 2008

Prepaid internet connection cards from Reliance

Staff Reporter 

Chennai: Reliance Communications has announced a
prepaid Internet connection data cards with validity
till 2021. The data card and connection can be
for Rs. 2,888. “All new customers will get free one
month unlimited Internet access
 The prepaid product
is especially for students and youth who may want
to budget their Internet usage,” said R. Suresh Kumar,
head of the firm’s Tamil Nadu circle.

The data card can be used to connect to desktop and
laptop computers while on the move. The connection
also offers features such as bulk SMS facility and
allows customers to make and receive calls.

Top-up packs are available for Rs. 111 (five hour
pack) and Rs. 202 (10 hour pack). Vouchers with 30-day
validity are available for Rs. 404 (25 hours) and
Rs. 1,501 (unlimited).

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