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waited Phones of 2008

Frazier Barretto

Here's a list of all those mobile phones you'd love to
flaunt in the coming days.


If little drops of water make an ocean, soon there'll
be pyramids made up of mobile phones -- both as a pile
of trash and as a memorial to the departed. So many
phones are releasing everyday that you could easily
have a phone named or a model numbered after its
release date; for example, a Manufacturer 10108 could
translate into a Nokia/LG/Sony Ericsson phone released
on 1st Jan 2008. This could lead manufacturers to
fight for a date, turning phone releases much into
Bollywood flick releases. However, it's no good
discussing all this, since mobile phones are never to
die but in fact become the most sought-after gadget of
the future, with laptops, MP3/PMP players all
succumbing to the absolute power of the mobile device.

Coming back to the present, here we are with, well,
mobile phones that are releasing and the ones that we
are just waiting for to purchase or receive as a gift
on the occasion of the Diwali or New Year. I've made a
quick list of a few phones that are already in popular
demand, even though they're yet to release and/or will
not release in the next couple of months.

Apple iPhone 3G:

The Apple iPhone has been in demand in India ever
since its release in the international market.
Although the phone is available in the grey market,
whenever there is a rumor about its official release,
almost every other person who wishes to own an iPhone
prays for its speedy arrival on the Indian shores.
What makes the iPhone even more desirable now is its
soon-to-be-launched version, which will feature 3G and
a lot of improvements with regard to interface.
Moreover, the iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) is
out now and software developers who had been waiting
for it have embraced it with arms wide open. Soon,
we'll see more iPhone software, which wouldn't need
the Safari browser to use the application.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1:

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 has been in the news since
its appearance at the Mobile World Congress,
Barcelona. Soon after that, it floated on to all the
region-specific sites of Sony Ericsson. As if that
wasn't enough -- there is a dedicated site, too, for
the XPERIA X1! Sadly, though, the phone doesn't have a
specific release date. I've seen and heard people
walking into stores inquiring and even asking friends
abroad if they could fetch the handset. Earlier,
during the announcement and a few months after that,
all Sony Ericsson had to say was that the phone would
make it to the shelves earliest by the first quarter
of 2009. But since such phones never lack rumors
around them, many Sony Ericsson lovers believe that
the phone will hit the market later this year, and
quite expectedly, this has already rung Christmas
bells. As crazy as it may sound, the world is waiting
for the experience to own a full-touch Sony Ericsson
handset. However, only time will tell if the XPERIA X1
manages to live up to the expectations.


The N96 is the powerhouse handset from Nokia. If you
thought the N95 and its upgrade, the N95 8GB, were the
best of the N-Series, you'd better reconsider. To me,
the N96 looks like a combination of the N95 and the
Nokia 7710, and this makes the N96 a great phone to
look forward to. The phone is loaded to the core, and
the features it has to offer are just a sign of how
mobile phones will sound the death knell for the
entire portable gadget market. Seemingly, it's the
perfect multimedia phone that won't disappoint its
owners. I wonder if Nokia, too, is behind the hype
around this phone. To be released around Diwali, this
phone has potential buyers, even though there's no
official word about its pricing. I just hope it's

Codename "Tube" from Nokia:

Image sourced from www.symbian-freak.com

The Tube is yet another phone from Nokia. So far, the
phone has only reached a codenaming status, which
means it's pretty far from release. But then, it's a
Nokia phone and Nokia doesn't waste too much time
contemplating on a release date. I think the company
will skillfully get its product ready and make it
available to the market, as it did during the 5MP war
between its N95 and Sony Ericsson's K850i. I'm
confident about this especially because the Tube is a
touch-interface smartphone from Nokia, a completely
new Symbian OS. A working prototype of the handset has
already made its appearance and loads of Internet
videos show the Tube's touch interface. Nokia users
who switched over to the iPhone just for the touch
interface also agree that they miss the functionality
offered by a Symbian handset. Now, this can impact in
two ways -- either the iPhone SDK release brings
similar functionality to the iPhone (which is not
really happening, though) or people switch back to
Nokia with the final release of the Tube. Can Nokia
pull it off? I keep my fingers crossed to experience
the Tube, and I suggest you, too, do the same and
start collecting the funds you'd need. Anyway, you'll
spend it for sure -- either on the new iPhone or the
XPERIA X1, or on the Tube.

Sony Ericsson P5:

Image sourced from www.esato.com

The Sony Ericsson P5 exists in rumors only and so much
so indeed that there is no official announcement from
the company yet. Its announcement is due very soon and
this is what's making all the news on the Web.

Living on the success of the Sony Ericsson P-Series,
even the latest P1i has managed to encapsulate the
P-essence even though it doesn't look like one at
first glance. The leaked images of the P5 make one
think that it's going back to the roots of the
P-Series. However, there is speculation that it's a
whole new power-user handset from Sony Ericsson. To
keep up with the competition, Sony Ericsson now offers
a lot of features in its premium handsets, and from
techies down to the end-user, everyone loves the
package. So, let's hope the P5 is no rumor, and sit
and wait for the official announcement confirming how
powerful it's going to be.

Motorola Ming A1600 & A1800:

Image sourced from www.enet.com.cn

Recently, Motorola has announced its roadmap for the
year 2008. After the much confusing rumor about the
Ming A1600, the official word is finally out. There
are going to be two versions of the phone-- the A1600
and the A1800. Both will feature almost similar
specifications, except for dual network available in
the A1800. With its Linux interface, the first Ming,
the A1200, may have captured the attention of techies;
however, its price made it unaffordable to many
enthusiasts. Other than the RAZR series, the
acceptability level of a higher-priced Motorola
handset may not be the best, but the Ming did prove
otherwise. When they hit the Indian market, the A1600
and A1800, with its improved interface and great
functionality like Wi-Fi, 3G, etc., will most likely
not disappoint their respective owners. The A1800,
especially, will be a big hit because of its dual (GSM
and CMDA) network.

Blackberry 9000:

Image sourced from www.engadget.com

Since the time of its appearance, the Blackberry 9000
has been criticized for being an iPhone rip-off. Well,
it certainly isn't a rip-off but has an immediate
resemblance to the iPhone, thanks to the Blackberry
9000's stainless steel edges. To the layman, the 9000
will look like an iPhone replica if they haven't seen
the previous Blackberry handsets. On the design front,
the Blackberry 9000 is a completely refined handset.
It has hit the gym, thus slimming down and losing
weight, while the curved-out corners and flat keypad
reduce its overall size. It is the first Blackberry to
feature Wi-Fi and HSDPA support. Moreover, internally,
the Blackberry 9000 has a whole new OS to offer. It
looks professional and the available Web videos make
it look like a very productive look like a very
productive device. All said and done, even though
Blackberry phones are overlooked by the trendy, the
9000 will sure catch their eye.

Samsung F480:

The F480 from Samsung is another all touch interface
phone. As I mentioned earlier in one of my articles,
Apple has set an example for other manufacturers to
reinvent themselves and their range of products. The
Samsung F480 has a whole new OS -- Croix that features
dual touch. The phone is slim and as our friends at
Engadget put it, it's the upgraded Armani without the
Armani branding. As of now, the features of the phone
include a large 2.8-inch touchscreen, 228 MB of
internal memory, 3G, and a 5MP autofocus camera with
LED flash. With its design and looks, Samsung handsets
always managed to make a good impression and the F480
not only looks good but is also packed with features.
Let's all wait till its release.

A Final Word:

So there you are with a list of the most sought-after
phones of the year. Chances are that by the time these
phones hit the stores, you might have veered your
attention to another batch of rumored phones. Never
mind, it is only human to be desirous. So, keep
craving for more and if I've missed out on any that
you think deserved a spot please use the space below.

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