[AI] Paging for Access Indians from Pudussery...

Sudhir R (NeSTIT) sudhir.r at nestgroup.net
Mon Apr 28 02:39:15 EDT 2008

Hi !

A visually challenged friend from Pudussery (Pondy) is looking for help in getting started on computers and Jaws.  She is working full-time and also faces mobility issues and hence not really in a position to attend formal computer courses in NGOs based in Chennai, Bangalore etc.

Access India members from Pondy who are willing to help out, please contact me off the list.  Alternatively, if there are rehab institutions offering courses in computers and Jaws in Pondy itself, please let me have their contact info.

Thanks and rgds

M: 098 472 76 126
sudhir.r at nestgroup.net 

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