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in fact, you format the hard disk partition C, not the
OS itself.
partition C may be the only partition on your hard
disk or one of some other partitions but still it is
the home path in which your OS should be installed

when it comes to formatting, two major options are
focused, FAT32 and/or NTFS.

it is the way in which your partition stores the basic
informations about the stored active files, e.g.
FAT stands for: file allocation table.
it is the table of contents of your partition, the
contents are the file names stored, file locations,
extensions, sizes and much more.
the main reason behind creating such table of
contents, is the easy search and indexing.
NTFS is more accurate in defining a table of file
attributes, for better access and higher compression
and security.

--- haresh patel <hareshjee at gmail.com> wrote:

> hello! list members,
> I know many of u are experts in hard ware or soft
> ware.
> please explain me how to format OS-XP.
> what cares should be taken while formating C drive
> only,
> one thing I want to clear that during formation
> there are options regarding to FS and Anty FS,
> what mean by it?
> thanking in advance
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