[AI] Made changes to MS Word settings and need help to correct

Subramani L lsubramani at deccanherald.co.in
Fri Apr 25 02:50:11 EDT 2008

As I was looking at the tool bar of MS Word, I pressed 'track changes'
in order to see what I have deleted and inserted. Though this is a great
thing, I am now unable to see synonyms of words which I used to get
automatically if I press the applications button after selecting the
word for which I want meaning. When I press application button after
selecting the word now, I get things like 'track changes', 'reject
insertions', 'accept insertions', 'cut', 'copy' etc, but no 'synonyms'.
What to do and how to get back the original settings. I need this help
as early as possible, as I am sitting to finish some urgent work at

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