[AI] JAWS 9.0.2152 to be Posted /updated Today..

Mamta mamtabc at accessindia.org.in
Thu Apr 24 14:05:39 EDT 2008

Hello every one!
Here is the message for jaws update..

Here's Eric's official skype message as of right now. 

Eric Damery
JAWS 9 build 2152 will be live at 3 PM
Eastern today! Magic 11 update on
1:52 PM (GMT-4), St. Petersburg, United States 

Hi everyone, later today we will be posting the new JAWS 9 update to the
Freedom Scientific website. This is a free update for all JAWS 9
When it's available, it can be installed simply by going to the Help
menu in
JAWS, and choosing "Check for Update', or you can download the full
from  <http://www.freedomscientific.com/> www.freedomscientific.com.
Here's what has changed in this release.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Support

Unicode Braille Tables Update

The Unicode braille tables in JAWS (JBT files) support multi-cell
characters. A multi-cell character is a braille character that requires
than one braille cell on your braille display. This feature may be of
interest to individuals who use math, science, and language symbols. 

Braille Study Mode

Braille Study Mode is a training tool for teaching and learning braille.
works exclusively with Freedom Scientific PAC Mate 20- and 40-cell
displays and FOCUS 40- and 80-cell braille displays. When enabled, JAWS
announce the braille character in a display cell when you press the
Routing button immediately above that cell. When you press the Navrow
(located behind the Cursor Routing button), JAWS will announce and spell
braille word.

Braille Study Mode is off by default. To start it, do the following:

1.      Make sure that a PAC Mate Portable Braille Display, FOCUS 40, or
FOCUS 80 braille display is attached to your computer. 

2.      Do one of the following: 

*       Press CTRL+INSERT+B to open the Adjust Braille Options dialog

*       Press INSERT+V to open the Adjust JAWS Options dialog box. 

3.      Press S until Study Mode appears, and then press SPACEBAR to
Study Mode on. Braille Study Mode remains on until toggled off or until
is restarted. 

Braille Study Mode: On-the-Fly Access using WHIZWHEELS 

When Braille Study Mode is off, you can always press the braille
left or right WHIZWHEEL together with either a Cursor Routing or Navrow
button to briefly use Braille Study Mode functionality. This clever
operation gives you the same braille information without having to turn
Braille Study Mode. To use Braille Study Mode on the fly, do one of the

*       Press WHIZWHEEL+CURSOR ROUTING to make JAWS announce the braille
character in the display cell, or 

*       Press WHIZWHEEL+NAVROW to make JAWS announce and spell the

Note: JAWS returns to normal operation after announcing the braille
character or word.

Citrix Program Neighborhood 

JAWS 9.0 supports Citrix Program NeighborhoodR 10. 

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

JAWS 9.0 now supports the creation and presentation of PowerPoint 2007
shows in Vista and XP.

USB Thumb Drive Update

The updated USB thumb drive versions of JAWS 9.0 and MAGic 11.0 are now
available. You can now use both products together or individually on the
same thumb drive. In addition, the video intercept tool has been
consolidated to work with both screen reader and screen magnification
applications. This tool can be downloaded and stored on the thumb drive
easily executed on computers where the Video intercept is not already

Talking Mouse Support

The MAGic Mouse Echo feature is now available when running MAGic 11.0
JAWS 9.0 together. This means that JAWS reads text that you point to
the mouse. To customize this feature, open the MAGic Speech menu and
Mouse Echo. Note that you will need to have the latest update of MAGic
installed to take advantage of this feature. This MAGic update is
to post on April 28, 2008.

DAISY Book Addition 

A new DAISY book is available. It describes how to create accessible
in Microsoft Excel by using input messages and hyperlinks to provide
feedback to JAWS and MAGic users. 


The following reported items were addressed during the April 2008, build
2152 update. Please see the JAWS 9 Page for the complete list of changes
JAWS 9 since it was first released in November 2007.


*       If you change the value of the Braille Mode option from
to Line, JAWS now maintains this option's setting when you move between
different dialog boxes. 

*       Skim Reading (CTRL+INSERT+DOWN ARROW) operates correctly when
reading the Surf's Up! - Surfing the Internet with JAWS Web page
tutorial on
the Freedom Scientific Web site. 

*       The JAWS shared components correctly update if you perform a
system restore after updating JAWS using the Check for Updates feature. 

*       After changing the synthesizer language from American English to
another language, JAWS now correctly echoes text in the selected
language as
it is typed and reads text in the same selected language as you navigate
using ARROW keys. 

*       JAWS now states if new lines are present in Word, Notepad, or
WordPad documents when you perform a Say All. To enable this
select the check box titled Indicate new lines when User Reads Text
Containing New Line Characters. It is located in the Text Processing
box of the Configuration Manager. 

*       JAWS correctly reads the text in the Remove Scripts dialog box
no longer announces incorrect messages. This dialog appears when you
synchronize the default script file using Script Manager. 

*       JAWS can be authorized when performing ILM Authorization on a
with Windows VistaR Server. 

*       Resolved an issue where a "canvas" error message was appearing
certain cases during the update process of JAWS. 

*       The SAPI 5 synthesizers recognize and speak blank lines that
in Word documents. 

*       If you select a command from the Virtual Viewer (INSERT+H), such
a list of misspelled words (ALT+SHIFT+L) or list of footnotes
(INSERT+SHIFT+F), JAWS correctly identifies the selected items for

*       The Language Detect Change reading option for JAWS, Internet
Explorer, and Word configuration files is now enabled by default. 

*       The JAWS uninstall process now removes all files from the JAWS
Settings folder when the user selects this option during an uninstall. 

*       JAWS no longer applies the wrong Eloquence voice settings, such
person, rate, pitch and so on, when you switch between different

*       The default synthesizer setting no longer changes when you
temporarily switch from an Eloquence voice to a SAPI 5 voice using

.NET Applications Complied with Visual Studio 2005 

*       Dialog boxes created using Visual Studio 2005, will now read
correctly when using the INSERT+B command. 

*       When moving in dialogs that contains GroupBoxes, INSERT+TAB will
report information about that control. Also, any AccessibleName or
AccessibleDescription tags associated with the GroupBox will be spoken

Adobe Acrobat

*       MAGic now correctly highlights the cursor location when you use
ARROW keys to navigate around a PDF file while running JAWS and MAGic

*       After reading a table in an Acrobat document, JAWS correctly
the remainder of the file when using the DOWN ARROW to continue reading
the page. JAWS no longer announces blank and rereads the table contents
in previous releases. 

*       JAWS correctly announces blank if you enter a blank table cell
in a
PDF document. 

*       JAWS correctly announces items just once as you move through the
Navigation tabs in a PDF document. 

AOL Instant Messenger

*       JAWS reads emoticon graphics using both speech and braille. 

Microsoft Internet Explorer

*       JAWS runs correctly with the Web site www.thehindu.com. 

*       JAWS correctly reads headings in pages created using the Movable
Type blogging platform. 

*       When pressing the Navigation Quick Key D while viewing a Web
JAWS correctly announces and moves to the next element every time. 

*       JAWS now announces and moves to the next button on a Web page
you press B. 

*       The Move to Prior Anchor keystroke (SHIFT+A) works correctly. 

Microsoft Office

*       When navigating through the Options dialog box of an Office 2007
application, JAWS now correctly reads all dialog controls. 

Microsoft Outlook 

*       Resolved a reported Outlook issue where JAWS did not read the
correct task priority when it was changed from low to high. 

*       The localized German version of JAWS now recognizes and
reads words with umlauts when using the Outlook calendar. 

*       JAWS only announces once, instead of three times, the contexts
combo boxes in Outlook's Find dialog box. 

*       After inserting a signature into an e-mail message, JAWS now
focus to the message window instead of the Signature button submenu. 

*       JAWS moves its focus to the correct field if you copy text from
e-mail message that you are composing, and then press SHIFT+TAB to move
the message window to the Subject field. 

*       As you navigate through folders in Outlook, JAWS now announces
number of unread messages in each folder. 

*       Fixed a reported issue in Outlook where subject field text
containing an ampersand (&), was not being read correctly. 

*       JAWS now announces the status of the check boxes for Automatic
Formatting rules in Outlook 2007 Calendar. 

*       You can successfully forward Yahoo! Group messages. 

*       JAWS announces all submenus when using Outlook 2007 Calendar. 

*       JAWS properly moves its focus to the Reminder dialog box when
press INSERT+WINDOWS KEY+R. In addition, JAWS announces the title of the
Reminder dialog box when it gains focus. 

Microsoft PowerPoint

*       JAWS no longer reads the last slide that is shown after you
close a
PowerPoint presentation. 

*       JAWS reads the text in the Notes pane of a slide when using the

*       When in Edit mode, JAWS now reads the selected text in a slide

*       When editing text in a slide's Title Placeholder box, JAWS
announces text and deleted characters. This resolves an issue with caret
tracking in PowerPoint slides. 

*       While using the LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS to move through lines of
in a placeholder box, JAWS no longer announces blank when it encounters
space between words. 

*       JAWS announces character echo correctly and no longer says blank
when using BACKSPACE to delete text. 

*       JAWS correctly reads numbered list when using the UP and DOWN
to scroll through the list while in Edit mode. 

*       JAWS correctly announces characters when you press INSERT+UP
twice quickly to spell the current line or press NUMPAD 5 twice quickly
say the current character phonetically. 

*       The Say All command (INSERT+DOWN ARROW) operates correctly when
editing a slide. 

Microsoft Word 

*       When the Page, Section, and Multiple Column Breaks option is off
Microsoft Word, JAWS no longer announces any page breaks that are
inserted in a Word document. This is the proper operation for this

*       JAWS correctly detects comments, footnotes, and endnotes after
change the Comments, Footnotes, and Endnotes Detection option from
to On. 

*       JAWS now recognizes bullets in Word documents when you set the
Eloquence synthesizer to a language other than American English or

*       The WordClassic scheme is new to the Speech and Sounds Manager
Word. It is the default scheme. In a document containing superscript and
subscript text, JAWS now ignores and no longer says the words
superscript or
subscript when announcing this text. 

*       JAWS no longer announces blank when you use the Navigation Quick
C to move to the next comment in a Word document. 

*       There is no longer a noticeable delay when you navigate by TAB
SHIFT +TAB through a Word document or when you perform a Say All. 

*       Resolved a Word issue where JAWS was not announcing tab and
paragraph marker characters. 

*       JAWS now announces blank if you try to move to the next
paragraph or
item (CTRL+DOWN ARROW) when you are at the end of the document. 

*       When the Non-Breaking Symbols Indication option is enabled in
JAWS correctly announces any non-breaking spaces encountered when
the document. 

Mozilla Firefox

*       JAWS no longer announces the message Read Only when moving
items such as combo boxes, tree views, and edit boxes or when opening
pages using Firefox. 

*       JAWS is compatible with Firefox 3 beta. 

*       The PC Cursor no longer becomes active when you select Firefox
the Window List dialog box (INSERT+F10). 

*       Headings that are also links on Web pages are now properly
identified in braille when the Braille Mode option is set for Structured

Mozilla Thunderbird

*       JAWS correctly identifies command submenus when navigating up or
down in the Thunderbird menu bar. 


*       JAWS correctly announces number-letter combinations when
by word through a Notepad file. 

Sun Java

*       A temporary loss of speech no longer occurs after selecting a
command from the menu bar in a Java application. Previously, you had to
refresh the screen (INSERT+ESC) to regain speech. 


*       Shuffle mode now toggles on or off when your press the letter S
while in the Winamp playlist editor of the Winamp Classic or Winamp

Windows Explorer 

*       Fixed a reported issue in Windows Explorer where file names that
contained an ampersand (&), were not being read correctly. 

Hope this helps
many thanks

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