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Hello Professor Sham M. Sayanekar

Syntax is the science of studying the sentence
structure in a certain language.

"professor Sayanekar teaches syntax."
is a true sentence, we can't replace the last word
with the first, or the second with the third,
according to certain rules.

to instruct computers to behave in a certain way, you
have to master at least one computer programming
language, as it is required to master Arabic to talk
to a native Egyptian.

the sentence structure of a computer programming
language is also called: syntax.

if x = 0 then
msgBox("not data")
end if

this structure is a conditional statement in a given
block of text to a certain procedure for the computer
to execute and come out with determined result.

finally, it is unforgetable to mention that syntax is
a general science under the category of linguistics,
but the part in syntax related to computers and
computer languages is a branch of computational

--- "Shyam M. Sayanekar" <sayanekar at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Members, Many of you are computer experts and I
> know my query will sound to you very trivial. But,
> kindly excuse me and enlighten me about what is
> Syntax in computer jargon?
> Thanking you,
> Professor Sham M. Sayanekar
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