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> This sounds very promising.  This is all we currently know about this.
> World's First True Bionic Eye
> Thomas Moore
> Health correspondent
> Updated:09:32, Monday April 21, 2008
> Doctors have exclusively shown Sky News the world's first true bionic eye
> that could allow the blind to see.
> Breakthrough for the blind
> The pea-sized video camera is small enough to fit inside the eyeball. The
> camera is linked to an artificial retina that transmits moving images 
> along
> the optic nerve to brain.
> It could be implanted within three to five years.
> The man behind the breakthrough is Dr Mark Humayun, Professor of
> ophthalmology and biomedical engineering at the Doheny Eye Institute in 
> Los
> Angeles, California.
> He said: "The camera is very, very small, and very low power, so it can go
> inside your eye and couple your eye movement to where the camera is.
> "With the kind of missing information the brain can fill in, this field is
> really blossoming.
> "So in the next four to five years I hope, and we all hope, that we see
> technology that's much more advanced."
> The institute has already pioneered artificial vision with the company
> Second Sight.
> The existing Argus system has been used in clinical trials, giving
> rudimentary vision to blind patients with conditions like macular
> degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa.
> The Argus device relies on a video camera which is built into a pair of
> glasses to capture images.
> These are converted into electrical signals which are transmitted 
> wirelessly
> to an implant behind the retina.
> The electrodes in the implant unscramble the signal to create a crude 
> black
> and white picture, which is relayed along the optic nerve to the brain.
> Linda Moorfoot is one of the few patients to be fitted with the implant. 
> She
> had been totally blind for more than a decade with the inherited condition
> retinitis pigmentosa.
> But she can now see a rough image of the world made up of light and dark
> blocks.
> She said: "When I go to the grandkids' hockey game or soccer game I can 
> see
> which direction the game is moving in. I can shoot baskets with my 
> grandson,
> and I can see my granddaughter dancing across the stage. It's wonderful."
> Linda's implant has just 16 electrodes but the US surgeons last week 
> helped
> to fit an even more advanced device to British patients.
> The updated model has 60 electrodes to give a clearer image.
> The identities of the patients have been concealed while doctors at 
> London's
> Moorfields Eye Hospital monitor their progress.
> Meanwhile in California, scientists are developing an implant with 1,000
> electrodes, which should allow facial recognition.
> http://news.sky.com:80/skynews/article/0,,91251-1313409,00.html?f=rss
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