[AI] Visually handicapped person using cheque book facility (usingThumb Impression)

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Wed Apr 23 10:13:26 EDT 2008

Dear Vijay,
u have a valid point.
Best Regards,
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Subject: [AI] Visually handicapped person using cheque book facility 
(usingThumb Impression)

> Hi Friends,
> One of my friends, Sayaaji mokashi, a totally blind
> person, has been using chequeBook facility using his
> thumb impression for the last almost two years without
> facing any problem.
> Currently he is working with Treasury office of
> Government of Maharashtra.  The bank which provided
> him the ChequeBook is the branch of Bank of
> Maharashtra in the premises of Treasury of the
> Government of Maharashtra.
> Also, in Bandra Kurla Complex there are visually
> handicapped people who owns STD Booths are enjoying
> ChequeBooks with the same branch, one of them is
> HariDaas Badre.
> Friends, question arises here is that if Bank of
> Maharashtra can provide the ChequeBook to the visually
> handicapped people, who cannot sign and using their
> Thumb Impressions, then, Why the other Banks are not?
> Is it not possible to us as an accessindia that
> approach to other Banks to provide the same to the
> other people who are having their accounts in various
> banks?
> May I request specially to Rajesh and Harish to throw
> more light on this issue, and take this matter to R B
> I.
> Regards,
> Vijay Chavan.
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