[AI] cheque book facilities to VI customers.

S S Pathak sshivapathak at yahoo.co.in
Wed Apr 23 09:41:27 EDT 2008

Dear Shri Vijay and others,

Different Nationalized Banks have already issued circulars to provide 
chequebooks to visually challenged customers, who can not sign consistently 
for specific purpose e.g. repayment of loan installments or for the payment 
of utility bills. Only problem is that Bank Managers have been guided in the 
said circulars to put their GBPA Number and signatures to verify the thumb 
impression of such customers on each cheque leaf and Bank Managers are not 
willing to carry an additional responsibility. This is the reason that most 
of the banks are avoiding to issue chequebooks to visually challenged 
customers. However, in some cases, Bank Managers are ignorant of this 
provision. I have also arranged soft copies of such circulars issued by PNB 
to few of our list members on their request.

Therefore, it is my personal opinion that views of our different members 
should be sought to solve this issue effectively.

With good wishes.

S S Pathak
sshivapathak at yahoo.co.in

*Everyone is free to respond me on my personal ID, just to avoid too much 
traffic on AI.

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