[AI] Visually handicapped person using cheque book facility (using Thumb Impression)

vijay chavan vijayasaramchavan at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 23 07:44:14 EDT 2008

Hi Friends,
One of my friends, Sayaaji mokashi, a totally blind
person, has been using chequeBook facility using his
thumb impression for the last almost two years without
facing any problem.
Currently he is working with Treasury office of
Government of Maharashtra.  The bank which provided
him the ChequeBook is the branch of Bank of
Maharashtra in the premises of Treasury of the
Government of Maharashtra.
Also, in Bandra Kurla Complex there are visually
handicapped people who owns STD Booths are enjoying
ChequeBooks with the same branch, one of them is
HariDaas Badre.
Friends, question arises here is that if Bank of
Maharashtra can provide the ChequeBook to the visually
handicapped people, who cannot sign and using their
Thumb Impressions, then, Why the other Banks are not?
Is it not possible to us as an accessindia that
approach to other Banks to provide the same to the
other people who are having their accounts in various
May I request specially to Rajesh and Harish to throw
more light on this issue, and take this matter to R B

Vijay Chavan.

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