[AI] Need help for these books and study notes..

Mamta mamtabc at accessindia.org.in
Wed Apr 16 14:38:15 EDT 2008

I am in need of these books  and the study notes if any one has them, please do send it to me urgent.
your help is highly appreciated..
thanks a lot in advance.
here  are the names of the books..

  1.. Robinson cruso Author  danual defoe.

  2.. paradise lost by Milton John,,

3 the play Magbeth by Shakes pere..


  4.. as you like it by shakes pere...

  5.. doctor fostous by cristefer marlowe.

  6.. Sons and lovers, by ds lorance..

  7.. school for skandel, by sheredon richard..

  8.. rape of the lock, by Alexandra pope..

  9.. Lords of the flies, by William golding.

  10.. look back in anger, john ausborne.

  11.. women of brewster place. Gloria naylor,.

12. jain air by sharlet brontay..


  13.. women writing in India volume 1, by k susie tharu and k lalitha..

and the study notes to study from for these books 

please do send me the books and the study notes..

your any and all help is highly appreciated..

many thanks



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