[AI] On terror's anniversary, an unusual tale: when eye for an eye made two people see

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Hello all

It is a norm that the recipient is not aware of the donner of human organ, unless it is donated by family member. 

Conversely, the family of donner do not get to know to whom the eye is donnated.

I wonder how such details are known to the donner. I don't know if there is any change in rules of late.

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On terror's anniversary, an unusual tale: when eye for
an eye made two people see
            Thursday, April 10, 2008 

Anuraag Singh Posted online: Friday, March 07, 2008 at
0047 hrs 

SankatMochan blast Varanasi Railway clerk donates eyes
of son killed in 
blast-to a child and a woman 
VARANASI, AZAMGARH, MARCH 6: Tomorrow, it will be two
years since two powerful 
blasts tore through the Sankatmochan temple and the
railway station in Varanasi, 
bringing death to 18 homes. But one single act by one
of the families hit by the 
terror strikes has given new life to two homes, one in
Nizamabad in eastern UP 
and another in Jamalpur in Bihar. 

Railway inquiry-cum-reservation clerk Sushil
Upadhyaya, who's still to come to 
terms with the death of his 20-year-old son Ritesh in
the Sankatmochan blast, 
donated his son's eyes. That one act helped a
two-year-old girl and an elderly 
woman - both had vision in only one eye - recover full
Ritesh, an amateur photographer, had gone to the
temple on March 7, 2006 with 
professional lensman Harish Bijlani and brother Rajesh
to film a marriage being 
held there. When the blast took place, Bijlani died
instantly and Ritesh 
sustained multiple injuries in the head, stomach and
legs. He died of internal 
bleeding at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU)
hospital 16 days later. 
"It was an irreparable loss, a great shock. The family
had lost its most loving 
son. But we all decided we will make Ritesh live,"
Upadhyaya told The Indian 
Express. "Two days before he died, we were told by
doctors that the chances of 
my son's survival were very remote. This made me
think. We decided, and it was a 
bold decision, to donate his eyes. It would help those
who can't see." 
After Ritesh died, his eyes went to the two-year-old
daughter of a national 
award-winning potter from Nizamabad (Azamgarh) and an
elderly woman from 
Jamalpur, Upadhyaya said. 
Nandini, the potter's daughter, had lost vision in the
left eye in an accident 
when she was only a year old. "We still remember March
26, 2006. It was the day 
which ended our agony. We got a call from the BHU
hospital that day. We were 
told to come to the Varanasi hospital the next day,"
recalled Nandini's father 
Ram Jatan Prajapati. 
The family reached Varanasi the same night. The next
day, the cornea implant was 
performed by ophthalmologists OPS Maurya and Abhishek
Chandra. "We were later 
told that Nandini was able to see with both eyes only
because of a youth who 
died in the temple blast," Nandini's mother Pushpa
"As far as we know, the other cornea was implanted in
the eye of an elderly 
woman from Jamalpur. It was to go to a boy from
Varanasi initially. But he he 
fell ill just before the surgery and the doctors
decided against the implant," 
Ram Jatan said. 
"The blast plunged one family into darkness but
returned light to two families. 
We will be forever indebted to the family of the young
man who died in the 
blast," Pushpa said. 
Ophthalmologist Abhishek Chandra said "Nandini's left
eye in which the cornea 
was implanted has a squint which now needs correction.
We will perform 
corrective surgery on April 14." 
Ritesh's family believes he is still alive, seeing the
world through Nandini and 
the woman in Bihar. But the family is still waiting
for the certificate 
confirming the eye donation. Told about this, Dr
Chandra said "if such an error 
has taken place, it will be rectified. Ritesh's family
will be handed the 

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