[AI] need answers for these questions in Arjent.

Shiv Pathak sshivapathak at yahoo.co.in
Wed Apr 16 01:43:53 EDT 2008

Hello Neela,
  KM and Feet are the units for length. However Eker is the unit for area. Assuming that you must be aware of the difference between length and area, here is answers for your first two querries. I could not get your third and fourth questions.
  1 Mile = 1760 yards
1 Mile = 1.6 KMs
  1 Eker = 4840 square yards.
  Everybody knows 1 yard = 3 feet.
  For more details, please don't hesitate to contact me. I think now you can calculate yourself.
  Good wishes.
  S S Pathak
neela reka <neela.welcome at gmail.com> wrote:
  Hai lists.
I'm in need of answers for these questions in argent by tomorrow
questions are given below.
1. how many K Ms per Eker?
2. how many feets per Eker?
3. how many feets per Gunta?
4. what is the word Guntae in English?

I'm in need of answers for questions specified above.
if you have more informations regarding this topic please kindly send
me by tomorrow.
I require for my education.

thanks in anticipation.

PH: 080-26591488 or 080-26592999

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