[AI] Cataract Surgery Grants available for Charitable Eye Hospitals

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available for Charitable Eye Hospitals 

VISION FOUNDATION OF INDIA (VFI) is a registered not-for-profit,
charitable organization having its office at the premises of Bombay
City Eye Institute & Research Centre in south Mumbai. Over the last
15 years VFI has successfully conducted 25,000 free cataract
surgeries through various outreach and in-house camps. With our vast
professional experience VFI wants to move ahead and make a
significant difference in blindness prevention program particularly
in under-served areas of India, where cataract surgery rate (CSR) are
negligible. VFI wants to reach with its support to many small and
rural eye hospitals to undertake free cataract surgeries for the

Our aim is to make cataract surgeries accessible to economically
weaker section of population and rural poor. Poor patients with eye
disease can receive treatment and surgery through these existing eye
hospitals, where surgeries will be supported by VISION FOUNDATION OF
INDIA. At VFI we want to reach large number of under privileged
people to make a significant difference and enable them to regain

Identification of Charitable Eye Hospitals:

VFI wishes to identify eye hospitals located at various states of
India (except mumbai region) which have required infrastructure,but
paucity of funds to undertake free cataract surgeries. Preference
will be given to hospitals having trained eye surgeons and facilities
for IOL implantation.

Charitable Eye Hospitals willing to receive grants for cataract
surgeries will need to comply by the following:

a)Commitment of active screening & surgeries of population under the
banner of Vision Foundation of India and Participating Eye Hospital

b)Identification of cases fit for cataract surgery and motivate them
to come to base hospital

c)Performing free quality cataract surgeries either through SICS /
Phaco to the needy and under privileged population

d)Pre-operative examination and investigation as required.

e)Proper post-operative care including detail post-operative
instruction regarding do's and don'ts, and management of complication
if any.

f)Follow-up services including refraction and provision of glasses.

g)Maintain Cataract Surgical records (name, age, sex, address etc)
for the patients operated.

h) Adequate photographic / video documentation of OPD camp, surgeries
performed and post operative camps.

( We are looking for application from eye hospitals located at North
eastern states, Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab,U.P, Hariyana,Himachal
Pradesh, Uttaranchal,J&K,M.P. Rajastahan,Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka,
Maharashtra, )

Interested charitable eye hospitals located in these states may
please contact us at:

B.Bhattacharya , + 91 9819511159
Program Officer
Vision Foundation of India
5, Babulnath Road , Mumbai 40007,India
Phone: 91-22-23671011, 23680618
Fax: 91-22-23637293
Email: <mailto:charities%40bceirc.org> 
charities at bceirc.org 
myonlymailbox at gmail.com 

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