[AI] Disable macros question.

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I am surprised at the advice that has been given to you. Reinstalling
programs really fixes such problems. The answer to your problem lies in the
text of the dialog box.

1. If you trust the macros of the ad in, you can check the relevant checkbox
to always trust the macros and enable them.

2. You can set the macro security settings in Microsoft Word two medium or
no. This however puts you at risk from malware as in you will need to be
extremely careful when you get Microsoft office documents from external
sources. If you don't expect macros in them, ensure that you disable macros.


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When ever I open Ms, word. I get the following dialog box.
Until I click on disable macros, M. S. Word does not open.
Please can anyone help me to get rid of this dialog box?
and Make me able to open M S word smoothly?

here is the dialog box:

Security Warning
contains macros by Details...Adobe Systems, Incorporated
Macros may contain viruses. It is always safe to disable macros, but if the 
macros are legitimate, you might lose some functionality.
The security level is set to High.  Therefore, you cannot enable macros 
from sources that you do not trust.
Always trust macros from this source.
Disable Macros Enable Macros More Info 

Please do give me step by step instruction to get rid of this. this not only
comes in word, it comes in all office application like excel powerpoint
I am using windows Xp and office 2003..

Thanks a lot for your any and all help.
your help is highly appreciated.
many thanks
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