[AI] Ranju cracks JPSC

Atul arsahay at accessindia.org.in
Mon Apr 14 14:11:17 EDT 2008


I am simply thrilled to inform that Ms. Ranju Kumari, a visually challenged person from Jamshedpur has been declared successful by Jharkhand Public Service Commission. What's more encouraging is the fact that her name had initially not appeared in the list after written examination and subsequent to judicial intervention, JPSC was forced to accept it as an omission to avoid humiliation in the court of law. Apart from all this, I have known Ranju for the last 16 years as she was the first trainee of NAB Jharkhand (earlier Bihar) when the same was activated by us in 1992. This news is very important in a region which is not at par with the rest of the country. It gives a ray of hope to many others and I attribute Ranju's success to her dedicated and tireless efforts in the face of gloomy environment. Once more someone has proved that fortune favours the brave. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Cheers AI!

Atul Ranjan Sahay
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