[AI] High mobile use puts us at risk of brain tumours

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High mobile use puts us at risk of brain tumours

Eklavya Atray 

Sunday, April 13, 2008  02:57 IST

NEW DELHI: India could see several cases of brain tumour over the next two-to-three years due to constant use of mobile phones say neurologists, as they
debate a recent Australian study that says a correlation does exist between the two. 

Australian neurosurgeon Dr Vini Khurana's study predicts that the fallout of heavy mobile phone use would be visible soon as the nation's love affair with
mobile phone climbs to dizzying heights. 

In his research, Khurana says heavy usage of cell phones for a period of 10 years or more doubles the chances of brain tumour. It also, he adds, has larger
public health ramification than asbestos and smoking. 

Union health minister Dr Anbumani Ramdoss has called for a study to be conducted to study the ill-effects of mobile phones. 

Cellphones' radiation can heat up the side of the head or potentially thermoelectrically interact with the brain, while bluetooth devices and unshielded
headsets convert the user's head into self-harming antenna, Dr Khurana says, based on his study. Childeren are at a greater risk because they possess a
thinner skull in comparison to adults. 

Meanwhile, Dr Rajeev Ranjan, a neurology expert at Sir Gangaram Hospital, says, "EMR rays in general cause irritation, concentration lapses and in many
cases even proliferation of cells which cause cancer." Particularly at risk, he says, are those with pacemakers which the EMR can interfere with.

Dr Anshu Rohatgi, another Delhi neurologist, says, "Electro magnetic  radiations, in general, affect the DNA  and cause problems in cell recovery and cell


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