[AI] Suggestion regarding email & chat support

Amit Bhatt misterbhatt at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 09:26:11 EDT 2008

Dear Suresh,

Chat and E-mail support is Ok but I would like to know what will be the
exact work profile witch they have decided for a VI person.
As far as chatting is concern, people  do use their internal chatting client
in many BPOs.
 To my knowledge, mostly Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express is used for
having E-mail communication in BPO.
Their chatting application doesn't work well with Jaws but it can be made
accessible and compliant to Jaws. I am not seeing any problem to come from
using E-mails as I have already mentioned that MS Outlook and OE are being
used for E-mailing.
Would be easy for us to comment on the challenges to be faced by a VI person
once you'll tell us about the work profile.
With profound regards,

Amit Bhatt
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> Hi friends,
> The well-known BPO, Slash Support Chennai is ready to employ visually
challenged persons in email and chat support.  Thanks to Welfare Association
of the
> Blind which creates awareness amongst ITs in Chennai.
> As I mentioned earlier, Slash Support has taken initiative to employ
visually challenged candidates in email and chat support.  We expect in puts
from list
> members those who are working in that field already.  Queries as follows:
> 1. Is it possible for a VI candidates to work in such field?
> 2. Is it accessible for screen reader softwares (especially JAWS)?
> 3. Does BPO use any particular software to send email?  If it so, can we
work on that software with ease?
> 4. What are all the challenges one has to face working in that field?
> Please send your in puts.  Thanking you in anticipation.
> Regards
> Suresh
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