[AI] Tech Dose of the day: Screen Scraping, T9, etc.

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Thu Apr 10 08:19:29 EDT 2008

Screen Scraping
Dosed by M&E Team (MphasiS Software Services)
What is Screen Scraping?
When a program extracts information from the display
output from another, it is called Screen Scraping.
This display output will, in most cases be used
directly by the program as output. Screen Scraping is
done in cases where some third-party system does not
have a very convenient display; and it has to be
replaced. Scraping may also be used to create an
interface for legacy systems that have no system
compatible with current hardware.
Screen Scraping is generally not desired as it
requires complex algorithms in place for parsing; and
are notorious for increasing system load. It is always
employed as a last resort; and when no other solutions
are in sight.
Further References
wikipedia :

Dosed by Rithish Saralaya from M^E Team (MphasiS
Software Services)
What is T9?
Text on 9 keys is a technology used to make
message/text typing easier in mobile phones. The
technology allows words to be entered by a single
keypress for each letter; as against older technology
that has several letters marked against each key. T9
uses a dictionary for look-up, and a combination
key-press brings up the corresponding word from this
The dictionary even allows one to add new words to it,
thus enabling T9 to draw up the word on future
combinational similar keypresses.
Further References
wikipedia :

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