[AI] help wanted to take down notes

Subramani L lsubramani at deccanherald.co.in
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Being a journalist, I have to take notes every time I do an interview
and as a Braille illiterate, I extensively use voice recorders --from
micro to large size and now digital-- which have their own advantages
and disadvantages. With tapes, it is easy to rewind and re-listen to the
important bits, but with digital recorders I exactly don't know how to
use rewind. Since I can insert my recorder in the computer like a pen
drive and play the audio file, I tried the rewind mode in windows media
player, which doesn't seem to work at all. So, coming to your question,
if you need to take notes and if Braille isn't of help, voice recording
is the only way out and the best thing is to record and pause --that is,
recording the important sections of a speech or an interview and playing
it back for your consumption later. Hope this helps. 


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hello list members,
 i  was wondering if anyone could help me with this perticular
problem. I am  not sure if all the people who looses vision in the
middle face the same problem. I can write in normal text but cant read
even if i use a felt pen. i know braille but i am not fast enough when
it comes to taking down notes. i use  sound recorder in the mobile but
that has a max record time of 1 min
 .So i would like to know if anyone else has the solution .
well these days taking down notes is very essential so  waiting for
your advice suggestions and methods to concor this flaw

thanking you in advance

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