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Do you have to teach Phonetics to sighted students or are the students 
themselves visually challenged? Requirements will be different for the two. 
Is it the basic Phonetics you teach, that is, Phonetics as a part of 
Linguistics or Phonetics as a separate area of specialisation?

   I've studied as well as taught Phonetics, though at a very basic level. 
My focus mainly have been on articulatory Phonetics. The main difficulty 
lies in accessing and explaining IPA or other such symbols for phonetic 
representation. However, if one understands well the manner of articulation 
of phonemes, one would be able to explain  a major portion to students. 
Unfortunately, these things are often explained through symbols, tables and 
charts in books. One way can be to find books that explains these things in 
plain prose as well. One such book I often consult is Linguistics: an 
Introduction to Language and Communications by Adrian Akmajian, Richard A. 
Demers, Ann K. Farmer and Robert M. Harnish. The book is originally 
published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Indian editions 
are available through Prenfice-Hall of India, New Delhi.

That's all I can offer as of now.


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>I am C.Sasikumar as I am visually impaired I feel that teaching
> phonatics is difficult. So I request all of you to help in this regard
> so that I will be highly and  greatly thankful.
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