[AI] problem with jaws 8 and IE

Divyanshu Ganatra dnganatra at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 02:04:08 EDT 2008

ok. i'm facing a weird problem. i tried to install AVG 8 professional
on my computer, although due to some error it showed up i had to
uninstall it. strangely  after that my jaws 8 has been behaving very
irratic in IE. it doesnt show up the links list, or the headings
list,and forms mode is a problem.it just says no links found, or no
heading found even when the page is completely loaded. i tried re
installing, repairing multiple times, but with no luck. it seems to be
working fine in other programmes. i have jaws 7 on the same machine
which is working perfectly.
does anybody have a clue as to what is happening??
any help would be appreciated.

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