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Sun Apr 6 09:10:24 EDT 2008

As previously requested on the list, here is the link
for the circular and a short description.

Revised procedure for opening and operation of
depository account of blind persons

In consideration of the representations received by
NSDL from organisations working for the development &
welfare of blind persons and keeping in view the
technological advancements and the desire of the blind
person(s) to act and represent themselves
independently, DPs have been informed to follow the
given below: 

1) Obtain Proof of Identity, Proof of Address and the
photograph of the blind person(s) (hereinafter
referred as Client) as per the laid down procedures.
DPs should carry-out 'in-person' verification of the
Client and obtain PAN card of the Client as per the
laid down procedures. 

2) The requirement of companion(s) is withdrawn.

3) DP should read out and explain to the Client, the
contents of the account opening form and DP-Client
agreement whenever so requested by the Clients.
In case the client is illiterate, DP should follow the
stipulated procedure in this regard. 

4) The Delivery Instruction Slips (DIS) issued by DPs
to such Clients should be pre-stamped as "Visually
Challenged" or "Visually Challenged and Thumb
Impression" as the case may be. Further, these
Client(s) should visit the office of the DP to deliver
the DIS, only if they are illiterate.

The above mentioned procedures will be applicable for
new accounts and for processing of DIS for the
existing Clients.

This has been informed to DPs vide Circular No.
NSDL/POLICY/2007/0049 dated August 21, 2007.



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