[AI] I like mozilla thunderbird

Syed Imran syed.fame at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 23:49:50 EDT 2008


I chanced on a new E-mail client called "Mozilla Thunderbird". Have you 
tried it? It's just ausom. What I particularly like in thunderbird is 
that downloading of mails are much better than Outlook Express!. For 
instance, My friends now and then send me some educational videos, and 
everytime when I open my pop3 account, I have about 25 MB of messages to 
download, which is nearly impossible in outlook Express, even after 
having 256 KbPs of bandwidth.
I  was regularly using outlook Express client for my E-mails,  and it 
was taking ages to download my mails, some times giving me a dialog that 
said, I either could wait for 60 seconds for my pop server to respond, 
or just chuck it up. At times I waited for a very long time, asking it 
to wait for every 60 seconds untill one particular moment when I totally 
got bugged up. Then I installed Mozilla thunderbird, and tried 
downloading the same mails, which took not more than 15 mins. 
Accessibility is the biggest issue that I'm  tackling in thunderbird 
presently, and will be thankful if anyone could come out with Jaws 
scripts for mozilla thunderbird. Untill then, miss you outlook Express!.
The above written information is just my own experience, and is not 
meant to offend anyone!

Syed Imran

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