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On 4/4/08, Gopalakrishnan <gopalakrishnan_vip at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> Hello Friends,
> Nuance has released TalksVersion3.52 for Series 60 3rd Edition on 2nd April,
> 2008.  It can be downloaded from:
> http://www.comproom.co.uk/talks3rd_352_6_signed.zip
> Read more information on the version:
> TALKS&ZOOMS Version 3.52 - Release Notification
> Introduction
> We proudly announce the release of the Nuance Accessibility Suite - Nuance
> TALKS and Nuance ZOOMS - Version 3.52 for Series 60 3rd Edition for April
> 2nd, 2008.
> This is mostly a maintenance release for versions 3.50 and 3.51 that
> improves stability and compatibility to some newer firmware versions,
> especially in the field of audio and web browsing.
> The new handsets
> Changes to the list of supported phone models
> No additional handsets are supported with this release, however
> compatibility with the latest N95-8GB firmware (15.0.015) has been improved
> to make sure that TALKS is automatically enabled when the phone is turned
> on.
> Please note that we have not tested TALKS&ZOOMS on the Nokia N76, N77, and
> N93/N93i, so we do not list these handsets as supported for this release.
> One thing we know is that the N93/N93i do not work with ZOOMS, probably due
> to video acceleration drivers.
> What's New?
> Audio improvements
> The audio engine of TALKS has been modified to work consistently across all
> phones, and to avoid resetting the audio device as much as possible. This
> leads to performance improvements on some devices, like the Nokia E51 and
> N81, and generally improves stability and compatibility with accessories
> like Bluetooth headsets.
> In particular, this prevents the crashes observed on some handsets when
> using both speech and magnification at the same time, and also greatly
> reduces the incidence of issues like the reboot observed on the Nokia E65
> when using speed dials. It also removes the repetition of the last bit of
> speech at the end of a sentence observed on phones like the 6110 or E51.
> Depending on the exact circumstances, the modified audio behaviour may
> either increase or reduce responsiveness slightly. In particular, when using
> ETI Eloquence, it is recommended to update to the new version 6.1.117 which
> noticeably reduces the "lag" experienced when pressing a key.
> Please note that these changes do not yet allow TTS engines (other than the
> Nokia TTS) to be used during a call, do not yet fix problems playing back
> ringtone samples when personalizing a profile, and they keep the startup
> melody from being played after entering a PIN code. However, muting TALKS
> with [Talks],[Clear] to free up the audio device is still supported. These
> situations will be addressed more comprehensively in a future update.
> Modified cursor handling in Messaging
> In previous versions of TALKS, it was already possible to switch between
> different cursor modes, "Original", "Letters" and "Words", to control the
> behaviour of the [Left] and [Right] cursor keys while reading a message.
> However, the cursor [Up] and [Down] keys always moved the cursor
> line-by-line in the message text. This conflicted with the "Auto Find"
> function that highlights links, phone numbers and e-mail addresses in
> received messages, and requires the use of [Up] and [Down] to browse through
> the highlighted elements.
> With this version of TALKS the behaviour of the "Original" mode (which is
> the default) has been changed to free up the [Up] and [Down] keys for the
> Auto Find function. You can still use [Talks],[long 2] to switch to
> "Letters" or "Words" mode, which allow full navigation within a message,
> while "Original" tries to interfere as little as possible with the way that
> reading a message would work without TALKS being installed.
> Improvements to Web browser
>   a.. Added workaround to allow editing of text and password fields on E90,
> E51, N81, 6120 - please note that this currently means that T9 is not
> available in Edit fields on these phones, and that passwords are always read
> back, regardless of the "Echo passwords" setting
>   b.. Increased size limit for sentences in browser, to reduce occasional
> cutting off of text
>   c.. Better support for some webpages using the <noframes> tag
>   d.. Quick keys [6] and [7] skip text consisting of only a single
> character, e.g. vertical bar between links
>   e.. Cursor up/down maintain old function in browser if TALKS support does
> not work (e.g. in local pages)
>   f.. Added Training Mode entries for keys with special functions in Web and
> WAP browsers
> Other changes
>   a.. Idle screen: Operator Info (e.g. "Home"), Search, Missed Calls entries
> are recognized, as well as fixing some other cases where focused line was
> not identified correctly
>   b.. Prevented screensaver from activating while TALKS is reading text
>   c.. Screensaver no longer speaks on N95-8GB when it is activated, and
> produces fewer spurious announcements of "Training Mode"
>   d.. Added some icons for 3G status on N95-8GB
>   e.. TALKS is automatically muted in K-NFB Reader
>   f.. Fixed some missing files after restore from backup that prevent SMS
> registration, viewing license agreement etc. and effectively required a
> reinstallation of TALKS to make it work again
>   g.. Various stability and performance improvements
> Q: Your software does not install on my E-Series handset or branded device,
> and reports a Certificate Error! Why?
> A: While TALKS&ZOOMS for S60 3rd Edition itself is certified, and thus can
> be installed on any supported S60 3rd Edition handset, the installers for
> the TTS engines (Eloquence or RealSpeak Mobile) are not signed. E-Series
> handsets and some branded devices do only accept the installation of signed
> software, unless you turn of the corresponding option inside the Application
> Manager:
> ·        Open the phone menu.
> ·        Open the App. Manager inside the Tools folder
> ·        Press "Options", then select "Settings".
> ·        Set "Software Installation" from "Signed only" to "All".
> ·        Press "Back" to close the Settings dialogue, then "Exit" to close
> the App. Manager.
> ·        Now, you can install the TTS engine.
> Another reason could be that the date on your phone is not set correctly -
> as 3rd Edition software is digitally signed, SIS files can only be installed
> if the phone is set to a valid date.
> Q: Why do I get an "Upgrade error" when installing the S60 3rd Edition
> version?
> A: The most likely reasons are that you have used a beta release, or already
> have the Nokia TTS driver available that was installed as a separate file
> with version 3.10. Please remove any beta version, as well as the Nokia TTS
> driver, before upgrading to TALKS 3.52.
> With thanks and regards,
> Gopalakrishnan
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