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Faster Shut-Downs

Faster Shut-Downs 

User Profile Hive Cleanup Service 1.6d 

Experienced users will appreciate User Profile Hive Cleanup Service, a free tool that lights a fire under the shut-down process. If learning to add a Registry value sounds like a fun, new challenge, the app's well-written Help file is a must. If that notion gives you the willies, this app ain't for you. 


User Profile Hive Cleanup helps with slow log off and unreconciled profile problems ensuring that user sessions are completely terminated when a user logs off when using Roaming Profiles or locked profiles as implemented through the Shared Computer Toolkit. 

This quick little tool helps clear some Windows Profile problems, but setting functions is best left to experienced users. User Profile Hive Cleanup Service lacks an interface, and running it defaults to a basic function. Changing functions is available only through setting select Windows Registry values. 

This tool is for those users suffering from slow shutdowns because of select profile problems. Results depend on the operating system. Before running this app, users are encouraged to read Help file results scenarios. Some profiles may block user log-in after running the app. Experienced users will have no problem adding the simple Registry values to change functions. The other functions compile a problem report or log the call stack. 

User Profile Hive Cleanup Service performs a specific fix for a specific problem. Intermediate users may feel comfortable using the program if they're willing to take advantage of the well-written Help file, which does a good job covering the app. Experienced users with profile problems should give this freeware app a look. 

click on the here to go to download page

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