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> From: vkafle at gmail.com> To: accessindia at accessindia.org.in> Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 15:01:39 +0530> Subject: Re: [AI] Courses for creative writing> > JNU doesn't have a specific centre for creative writing or journalism > courses. Some centres like the Centre for English Studies and the Centre for > Indian languages do offer such courses, but they are part of their main > subjects such as English or Urdu. However, Indian Institute of Mass > Comunication (IIMC), located in the JNU campus, primarily offers journalism > courses.> > As for internet and other accessibility for the visually chalenged, I'm not > very sure, because hardly any visually challenged person has got admission > there, to my knowledge. But one can always make one's way in and put forth > one's accessibility requirements. One's being in the JNU campus will also > help to some extent, though not completely.> ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Shadab Husain" <shadabhsn at gmail.com>> To: <accessindia at accessindia.org.in>> Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2008 9:57 AM> Subject: [AI] Courses for creative writing> > > > Hi friends, I wanted to know about the courses of creative writing in> > journalism. I heard that Jamia Milia University has a very good course> > for this. But how is the arrangement for blinds there? Please tell me.> > Also, at JNU there would be some good courses, so I will request to> > people teaching and studying there to tell me about it. I am eagerly> > looking for your suggestions. And please tell me that whether I will> > be able to access the internet wherever I got admission. I will be> > very happy to get your suggestions. Please be quick as last date would> > be near. Besides, if you have any other institutions for creative> > writing then you are most welcome to tell me. I am sincerely trusting> > a reply. With best wishes, Shadab Husain> >> > To unsubscribe send a message to accessindia-request at accessindia.org.in > > with the subject unsubscribe.> >> > To change your subscription to digest mode or make any other changes, > > please visit the list home page at> > http://accessindia.org.in/mailman/listinfo/accessindia_accessindia.org.in > > > To unsubscribe send a message to accessindia-request at accessindia.org.in with the subject unsubscribe.> > To change your subscription to digest mode or make any other changes, please visit the list home page at> http://accessindia.org.in/mailman/listinfo/accessindia_accessindia.org.inHi Husain,
nice to hear your interest! I have been a student in JNU, and thought would tell you few things about JNU. as someone has already responded previously, JNU doesn't have any specific course for creative writing , but to the best of my little information, you can come to JNU for M.A. at Center for the study of english language. infact, for the last few days, opportunities too for those completing their post-graduation at this center are knocking their doors.
as far as accessibility and technology infrastructure is concerned, JNU is one of the very few institutes providing reasonably sophisticated facilities. we have a separate Unit called "Helen-Keller"Unit for visually-challenged located in the main library of JNU. library is kept open from nine in the morning till eleven-thirty in the night, except on some important national festivals. you can enjoy the academic culture here, if you are really interested in.
since you are particularly enthusiastic about journalism or creative writing, Asian school of journalism and communications at Chennai could be another best option for you. however, you cannot expect much infrastructural facilities as not many visually-challenged have so far joined there as per the information available.
let me also inform you that the date for applying at JNU for the academic year 2008-2009 has already been closed, and if at all you have to try for it, you'll have to wait till the next year, and there is no other option. please be little alert as other institues will also be coming up with the notification schedules. I have seen recently in the news that central University of english and foreign languages Hyderabad, earlier known as central institute of english and foreign languages, is also going to offer a journalism course from this year onwards.
please get track of them, and enter the field of your choice.
for any further information,  you can always mail me at: annavaram.n at gmail.com
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