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firoz firojjee at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 14:07:12 EDT 2008

Release Notes
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. Last build: 

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. 02.04.2008 Skype Beta for Windows 

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. known issue: Sending Voicemail to not authorized user fails 

. feature: New uPnP implementation 

. feature: Extras Manager 2.0 

. feature: Profile picture hidden by default on authorization request 

. Improvement: Audio calls quality 

. Improvement: Internet Explorer add-on updated 

. Improvement: Firefox add-on updated 

. Improvement: Skype4COM updated 

. change: Default video resolution for Pentium 3 and slower computers is 160x120 pixels 

. bugfix privacy leak: Moodmessage and online status exposure to web browser via internal interface 

. bugfix: Rarely contacts were lost after upgrade 

. bugfix: Public chat links did not work on Vista 

. bugfix: My video was froze on video call for some users 

. bugfix: Call went to Voicemail even if not selected it in options 

. bugfix: Sometimes video was black for receiver 

. bugfix: Sometimes video preview was frozen 

. bugfix: High Quality Video was not possible with 
 E8200 CPU 

. bugfix: Users who have not logged in for long time were not found with search 

. bugfix: Rarely Skype crashed during file transfer 

. bugfix API: It was not possible to forward call if username had comma in it
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