[AI] How IT companies and BPOs cause harm daily

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Did you check the authenticity of this kind of message before shooting to 
this list? do you know the difference between sleeping mode and hibernation? 
Remember hibernation doesn't cost anything because you can completely switch 
off the power while in the case of sleeping mode, it still needs power. How 
can Dr Kalam be ignorant of this fact?
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Most of us in the IT field do one thing before leaving for the day from 

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+ Del and leaving to home happily.

One normal PC in the sleeping mode (Hibernation) will consume 35 watts/hr.

Based on this we will do a small calculation.

For one week 24 * 7 = 168 Hrs

Of this if we consider that we are working for 68 hours, then the PC is in
sleeping mode for 100 Hrs a week.

For one month 4 * 100 = 400 Hrs

In a normal IT office, if we assume approximately 250 PCs are there,

250 * 400 = 1,00,000 Hrs (Sleeping Mode)

So the power wasted in an office per month is about,

100000 * 35 = 3500 KWH or units.

If the charge per unit is Rs.6, then totally the wastage value is
approximately 21000 Indian rupees per month / 250 PCs.
Here the sad thing is not only the money loss to the company, but also the
power loss to the country.

How many PCs accross INDIA? Can you imagine how much power wastage then ???

So before leaving office take some time to shut down the PC and do some
favour to the country and the organisation.

*** Do it once it will become a Habit... Good Habit...be a good citizen of
India .......

By Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

If u like this forward it to your friends...

Thanks & Regards,
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