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ashish ashish2410 at accessindia.org.in
Tue Apr 1 07:25:05 EDT 2008

Hello friends,
2 new sections have been added on my site:
1. Search music, 
In this you can go ahead and search for your required song, Who nose you may find a song which you were looking for from a very long time.
(Please note that Its still on the testing stage)
So please do go ahead and try and you can send your feed back from the feedback form of my site:
To search music please do visit:


2. Article search,
Some time a go Some one was asking about improving English Language, One way to do that also can be reading/writing articles and submit them on the web and people there can help correct them for you..
And also you can just read and enhanced your knowledge/communication skills..
As of now there are more than 28000 articles.
>From more than 300 topics. This number will keep on increasing.
So do have a look and experienced it for your self,
You can creat a free  account write and submit articles as well.
you can also subscribe to articles section using (RSS).

To Visit the article section:


You can also visit these 2 new added sections from my web site by visiting my home page that is:


and navigate by headings you will surely find these 2 sections.

Hope this helps.
take care
many thanks
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send in a blank e mail and type "subscribe"with out the quotation marks in 
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