[AI] Itna slow kyun hai, bhai?

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Tue Apr 1 05:28:48 EDT 2008

Itna slow kyun hai, bhai?

Author: Rajiv Mathew

Bogged down by slow Internet speed? Here’s how you can
tackle with Internet woes... 

Our Internet junkies (techies or not) are often quite
unhappy! What does one do with slow Internet speeds
that make life difficult for those who spend a
lot of  time on the web or even have to depend on it
for work?

Research shows that Internet services in India are
amongst the worst in the world. India, which is
supposedly the Silicon Valley of the East, is far
China as far as broadband connection speed is
concerned. Statistics reveal that China is adding
broadband users at a pace that India will take years

It’s a known fact that large files like video
applications and music, clog connections because they
take so long to download. For techies who depend on
fast transmission of data, India can be extremely
frustrating. Lack of broadband services means Internet
advertisers are unable to beam pictures and
streaming video ads to consumers.

Accordingly, as many third-world countries have
bypassed land lines and gone straight to cellular
telephone systems, wireless Internet transmission is
starting to pick up some of the slack left by India’s
feeble wired infrastructure. 

Bangalore, is expected to be virtually blanketed with
wireless broadband coverage within the next two years,
making it the only completely wireless city
in India. Despite the fact that India’s IT sector is
growing at an unrelenting rate of around 30 per cent,
most IT transmission is on dedicated lines,
not consumer broadband. For the public, the
disappointing results are due to a collection of
factors. Homes have limited access to telephone lines
ageing infrastructure means that copper wiring is
still in place.

The good news is that, India has taken to VOIP (Voice
Over Internet Protocol) or long-distance calling via
the web, with a vengeance. Statistics report
that more than half of the long-distance calls placed
from Indian telephones last year were over the

Tips that work

Coming back to the point, if you’re a victim of slow
Internet connection, here are a few ways to work
around it:

Configure your browser: A few small changes for your
dial-in session can make a big difference. Increase
the size of your browser’s cache so that you
the same web page elements less often.

Block and disable bandwidth hogs: All of us dislike
every unnecessary pixel, advertisement and flash
movies on the web. So, install an ad-blocking
(Adblock for example) to avoid losing precious minutes
of your life. If your podcasting software (like
iTunes) is set to routinely download new episodes
when you connect to the Internet, it will drain you of
a lot of bandwidth. Be sure to disable such automatic

Work offline when possible: Online web applications
are all the rage with the techies these days, but the
fact is we’re not always online. The ability
to work offline makes a huge difference in
productivity when you’re dependent on a slow

Use a desktop RSS reader: Save web pages for later
reading, using something like the Slogger Firefox
extension. Email users can install a desktop email
client like Mozilla Thunderbird and download messages
for offline reading.  Compose blog posts on the
desktop instead of connecting to the web to write.
Download bank transactions or Microsoft Money instead
of connecting to your bank’s web site to pay bills.

A time-consuming connection on the Internet can be an
exercise in absolute frustration. Tweaking your
computer to handle sluggish speeds can be very useful.
Here’s hoping that our bandwidth woes disappear almost
immediately. Till then, it looks like all of us have
to go through the pain of waiting for hours
on end to download stuff off the Internet.

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