[AI] IT sector starts shedding its differently abled resources.

parimala shinde parimalashinde at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 01:24:21 EDT 2008

Hay list!!!
  Sorry for the late reply
  It feels great to be writing to the list after a long long time.
  I remember posting my greeviences about the same on to the list a year back, where I briefly explained the kind of discrimination 1 of my hearing impaired friend and myself went through.
  Let me share the good news with all of you.
  Our performances have bin recognized, and we have bin converted to fixed term hires from short service providers.
  And with the passage of time, we would even be converted to regular employees.
  So, there is no need to worry about the job security for the differently abled IBMers if the performence is good enough.
    I also remember writing to the list about the hostile manager who pledged to destroy my career at IBM.
  I am thrilled to declare that my life at IBM is quite safe as the lady is moved out of my team, and my new manager is completely confident about my capabilities.
  Hope to hear some good news from all of us in trubble at work.>  
  Thanks and regards
> Hope the list members recollect an issue I had raised about six months back - about the so-called new employers of the differently abled, the IT & ITES companies, keeping the disabled resources on long periods of contract, without confirming them.
> The ensuing discussion had centred on the benefits of the contract system and how it was really progressive. The issue was swept under the carpet unlike other "serious" issues like discrimination by airlines against the visually challenged, the mistakes in grammar in the list postings, etc.
> Now that the IT sector has started feeling the heat of the Rupee appreciation and the US economic melt-down, the poor disabled resources have started getting contract termination notices. Funnily, a multinational behemoth which describes itself as an equal opportunity employer and draws lot of media publicity from this is one of the first to initiate action that might impact some of our own list members.
> There is little that we can do but sit and watch as the most important social security mechanism available to the Indian blind, a steady job, is kicked out from their grasp thanks to biased corporate policies. While appreciating the fact that job mobility is the in-thing in a globalised existence, let us not forget that the disadvantaged in India, like us disabled, do not have an elaborate social security mechanism to fall back on in such circumstances.
> Finally, when all the hype dies down, the only recourse to the disabled who are not from well-heeled families may still be government jobs and / or traditional sectors like teaching, vocational trades and self-employment.
> Rgds
> RS
> M: 98 472 76 126
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