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What is bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a wireless protocol or method to transfer
connect and transfer data between 2 devices such as
mobile phones, computers and laptops, digital cameras
etc. The exchange happens over a short-range radio
frequency. Bluetooth is usually meant fot transferring
information from devices that are relatively close to
each other.
When 2 devices are in range of each other, bluetooth
allows them to communicate. Since bluetooth uses a
radio communication system, the devices don't
necessarily need to be in view of each other.
Further References
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What is a DLL?
A dynamic-link library (DLL) is an executable file,
mainly advantageous since many applications can
simultaneously use a singly copy of DLL in memory. A
library of Functions can be complied, linked and
stored independent of the applications using them.
Static link remains constant during program execution
whereas a dynamic link is created by the application
as and when required.
What is its usefulness?
• Many processes can use a single DLL simultaneously,
sharing a single copy of the DLL in memory thereby
reducing swapping and saving memory.
• Many applications can share a single copy of the DLL
on disk thus saving disk space.
• Modifying the functions in a DLL can be done which
may not require the application using them to be
recompiled or relinked unless any arguments or return
values are modified.
Further References
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What is Technorati?
Technorati is a blog search engine. It searches and
indexes blogs over the internet. It also has a
development team that contributes extensively to the
open source community. It also has functionalities
like site-bookmarking, etc. which are regular
functions of other social networking sites.
Further References
wikipedia :
Technorati home :

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