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Site to brush up

Author: Priyadarshini Nandy

Education today is vital. Learning Port offers a mix
of online and offline modules to help you continue to
educate yourself  

Does anyone need an aide mémoire as to why people
supplement regular education with something more and
better these days? Given that the professional world
has very little tolerance for incapacity, it’s best to
come equipped.

In many parts of our country, the educational system
(even though it is advanced) comes with limitations.

Universities still follow the archaic and theoretical
methods of teaching, which is not all bad, but often
forget to incorporate newer and industry-specific
learning into their curriculum. This fissure reduces
the employability of a lot of prospective candidates
who otherwise graduate with the necessary degrees.

Bridging this gap does come with its setbacks — given
the red tape in higher authorities, even in education.
However, it is not impossible, as more and
more companies and private organisations have come
forth, offering individuals and educational institutes
the opportunity to improve on their existing

New venture

The Learning Port (www.thelearningport-.com) is one
such portal, developed by SQL Star. With their motto
Life Education Method, it has been initiated to
provide experiential learning, application of
knowledge that is used by the industry and the
development of soft skills. 

Learning Port has been developed to give students a
mix of online and offline education. Students who
aspire to be a part of the rapidly growing IT industry
can benefit from the courses by adding on necessary
skill sets that are required by the industry. The
courses offered are a combination of domain knowledge
and soft skill training. 

What to do

To enrol, an individual has to take an evaluation test
to judge his or her own standing in a particular
programme. Based on the score, experts provide
the student a guideline as to what would best suit

The courses are executed with the help of online
discussions, chats, bulletin boards and webinars. A
team of counsellors monitor the progress of each
to help them reach a stage of employability.

For classroom sessions, SQL has its own captive
centres where a student can go and attend.

“The IT industry has become much more competitive than
it used to be years ago. So while thousands of
students are graduating each year from engineering
colleges, only a handful are employable. And it is not
always their fault. Institutes need to provide the
correct method of teaching — something that is
more contemporary and industry-specific. That’s where
we come in,” says N R Ganti, chairman and managing
director of SQL Star.

Help at hand

There are different ways one can be a student on The
Learning Port. An individual can enrol, choosing the
right course with the help from the experts as
well. Colleges that have partnered with SQL will also
provide similar facilities to their students in
addition to their regular courses. Existing employees
too, can enrol to add on to their existing expertise.
Government employees can be part of this training
programme to known more about e-governance and
improve their existing skills.

“Our programmes are mostly two-year programmes that a
student should ideally start with from their second
year in college. This enables them to be equipped
by the time they graduate, helping them find a job and
save time on doing courses after their graduation,”
says N R Ganti. 

About the company

SQL Star International Limited is a global IT
solutions and services enterprise, offering knowledge
and enterprise services to different industries.
in Hyderabad, the company has eight learning centres
in India with wholly-owned subsidiaries in USA, UK
Australia and Singapore.

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