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Monitor your Diet with a Diet Diary and Meal Planner.

Calorie Balance Diet 2.9.8 


Monitor your Diet with a 
Diet Diary and Meal Planner. 

Research has shown that keeping a journal makes dieters almost twice as successful as those who do not. This program makes keeping a diet journal easy, fast, and accurate. The program features a full fledged calorie counter with over 30,000 foods. Enter in your foods with grams, or use easy units. The program can convert between almost any units automatically. To make keeping a journal even easier, you can create meals, meal plans or even download plans from the Internet. The search will learn your preferences and makes searching even faster. You can balance your diet with your exercise. The program features hundreds of activities, in a powerful, easy to use calculator. You will also be able to track your progress with the journaling function, and see how your body works with powerful progress reports. Also included are a recipe editor, and a tool to make shopping lists. You will have complete control of your diet. 

Version 2.9.8 updates help files and hints. 


This is the most powerful dieting software on the planet. It includes many features that guarantee you success. Included are 

* 1. Calorie Counter: Over 30,000 foods are at your fingertips. Intelligent search will make it even easier to find them. The calorie counter is perfect for those taking alli. 

** 2. Fitness Tracker: Plan out your workout. Know how many calories you are burning, and progress from week to week like a pro. 

*** 3. Meal planner: It is much easier to diet if you plan your meals. The meal planner allows you to create and edit meals. You can move them around with ease. The meal planner makes calorie counting even faster. Plan 1000, 1200, 2000 or 4000 calorie plans. 

**** 4. Recipe builder: Enter your favorite recipes and get estimates on the calories, and nutrition of your food. 

***** 5. Shopping lists: Enter your foods for the week and then easily print out a shopping list for yourself. 

****** 6. Journals and Reports: Keep track of your progress and discover a whole new you. 

******* 7. And lots more: I keep adding new features all the time. Discover new uses every day. 


# 1. This program is multiuser. You must set up an account when you start. Please do not mistake this for a serial number page. This program really is free. 
# 2. This program uses the internet. Sometimes a firewall will complain about this. Please give the program access to the internet. 
# 3. The installer sometimes has to download componites from microsoft. They are too big to put in the install package. This irritates some virus packages. I am trying to figure out a better way to do this. As you can see above, I have had the program tested, and it is hosted on download.com for your safety. 


Normally you would have to pay $30-$40 for a program of this quality. 

I am offering it for free. Enjoy.  

Requirements: Windows Me/2000/XP/2003 Server 

click on the here to go to download page

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