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The world's most and least corrupt nations

March 25, 2008
Corruption! A disease that gnaws at the entrails of a nation and weakens its economy, security and growth. It is a syndrome that is widespread globally,
but more so in India. 

The Berlin-based Transparency International's annual report of Corruption Perception Index for 2007 ranks India as the 72nd most-corrupt country, alongside
China, Mexico, Brazil, Morocco and Suriname.

The index surveys only 180 of the world's 193 countries because of absence of reliable data from the remaining countries. Scores range from 10 (squeaky
clean) to zero (highly corrupt). 

So read on to find out which are the world's most and least corrupt nations. . . 


India scored 3.5 points as against the same score of 2006. Even though it ranks as the 72nd most corrupt nation, this is India's best score in 10 years.

Reason for India's good score: Experts feel implementation of Right to Information Act has been largely responsible for bringing down corruption in the

In the Bribe Payers' Index, on the other hand, India ranks 30 with a score of 4.62 points.

Compiled by: Indrani Roy Mitra 

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