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Source: The Hindu
Call up High Court and track your case
B.S. Ramesh
Integrated Voice Dialling System helps keep tabs on cases
The system will be a boon to advocates and litigantsPeople living in
semi-urban areas and villages will benefit the most
BANGALORE: Advocates and litigants now need not depend on the Internet
or physically go through the cause list to ascertain the status of
their case. All they need to do is call up from a landline or mobile.
More importantly, they can dial from anywhere around the world and
obtain information on the case.
This has become possible with the Karnataka High Court introducing the
Integrated Voice Dialling System (IVRS). The bi-lingual system, which
became operational on Sunday last, will enable anybody to access the
status of a case from anywhere in the world. All that one needs to do
is dial one of the two IVRS numbers provided by the High Court and
follow the recorded instructions.
The Karnataka High Court has perhaps become the first High Court in
the country to make use of this system. The IVRS is likely to come as
a boon to advocates and litigants who have no access to the Internet
or daily cause list. People living in semi-urban areas and villages,
who have limited access to the Internet, or those living in areas
where electricity is scarce, would have instant access to the status
of their case. All they need to know is one of the two dedicated
telephone numbers set aside by the High Court for the system.
Phone numbers
The callers can dial either 080 - 22869542 or 080 - 22869547. The
first thing a caller is asked is whether he would like to ascertain
the status of a case in English or in Kannada. The caller has to dial
1 for English, 2 for Kannada and 3 if the caller knows the eleven
digit IVRS code.
The first two operations in the menu are the normal mode and IVRS
mode. In the normal mode, the system provides for the caller to know
the status of the case by selecting suitable category, case type, case
number and case year.
However, if a caller uses the normal mode, he can get the case status
of only certain main case types whereas if the eleven digit IVRS code
is used, the status of any type of case is available.
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