[AI] UNESCO launches second edition of legal survey on freedom of i

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UNESCO launches second edition of legal survey on freedom of i 

Fri Mar 21, 2008 1:57 am (PDT) 

Dear friends,

A second edition, entirely revised and updated, of Freedom of
Information: A Comparative Legal Survey by Toby Mendel was launched
yesterday during a two-day experts group meeting on Freedom of
Information and Sustainable Development held at UNESCO Headquarters 
17-18 March 2008.

The book is meant to present the basics of freedom of information or
right to information, defined as the universal right to access
information held by public bodies.

In its first edition, this publication, translated into a dozen of
languages, "has been a most valuable tool in UNESCO's overall
capacity-building and advocacy work," said Mogens Schmidt, UNESCO's
Deputy Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information,
at the launch. Mr Schmidt also wished that the book would continue to
serve as a resource of "living" information providing technical
assistance to legislators and to all stakeholders involved in the
implementation of freedom of information frameworks.

At the launch, the author noted that "since the last edition five
years ago, we can now say that every region of the world has adopted
right to information laws." Mr Mendel also added that the right to
information is now internationally established as a fundamental right
generated by the right to freedom of expression.

In the new edition, the introduction and the comparative chapter, as
well as the section on international standards and trends, have been
totally revised. More countries are included in the new analysis. The
publication also presents in an easy-to-understand and non-technical
fashion the basic principles of freedom of information, such as
maximum disclosure, obligation to publish, promotion of open
government, limited scope of exceptions and the process to facilitate

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