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Subject: Accessible Devices Dueling Operating Systems

> We believe some of you will find this recording interesting so we're 
> passing it on.
> Subject: [program-l] Audio of Dueling Operating Systems at CSUN 2008
> available
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> Subject: CSUN 2008 Conference MP3 Presentation, Dueling Operating Systems,
> BLV-1002
> Please find a link below to the blog text and audio for this presentation.
> The file is 1 hour and 52 minutes long, and about 52MB in size:
> http://dcnightout.com/?p=137
> I can add additional text or links to the blog entry if you like, e.g.
> to the products used, to the presenters, other related entities, or
> related resources.
> The recording was made using an Olympus DS50 recorder, and has been saved
> as a mono MP3 file.  I have reviewed the beginning and select parts of the
> recording but have not reviewed the entire contents.
> In the presentation, an Apple Macintosh Voiceover, Orca Linux, and Jaws
> For Windows user complete identical tasks using their assistive and
> mainstream technologies.  The presentation highlights the strengths and
> weaknesses of each operating system, related assistive technologies, and
> individual user experiences.
> Enjoy,
> Mika
> Direct Link To MP3:
> http://media.libsyn.com/media/dcnightout/DCNO_14MAR2008.mp3
> www.vipconduit.com
> and
> www.accessible-devices.com
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