[AI] How can we do aerobic exercise ?

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hello sudhir,
no form of exercise is out of bounds for us. i completely disagree, as i 
have been going to the gym for more than 6 years and cant fathom a life with 
no phisical exercise. yes, cardio-vascular activity is a must for the body 
and being blind does have a few shortcomings with regard to which form of 
such activity one can undertake. however, the forms most appropriate would 
be running, jogging and walking etc on a tread mill, besides which one can 
pursue something called spinning on a stationary cycle, swimming, aqua 
aerobics, vibro-training skipping and free hand weights exercise. several 
forms of aerobics are quite workable as are several forms of power yoga. the 
perhaps risky forms would be to jog or run on a sidewalk in open air 
outdoors, marshall arts or high vigour activities such as fast dancing etc. 
such exercises have a slight risk of making the performer dizzy with motion 
and therefore disoriented.
certainly, a tread mill is safe and a blind person just has to orient 
himself with the controls and pace of the movement of the belt. also, there 
are safety clips on many machines which can be worn on the person of the 
user and while using the machine if any unfor seen slip happens the clip 
will snap, stopping the tread mill immediately. personally, i advise that to 
do any such activity one must go to the gym as opposed to trying to stay 
home and  do it yourself. going to the gym will give you the advantages of 
cross training with many more machines, all of which you might not afford to 
buy and bring home. if u went to the gym you would be able to 
proportionately use the facility to alternate between the various cross 
training programs, have someone constantly monitor your progress as well as 
your performance and your accuracy at maintaining your form. workouts 
alongside with other members in itself is a motivator and it will keep u at 
it.plus, just let your imagination tell you other social advantages you will 
have with such a venture! smile!! might you consider a healthy diet? well, i 
know it may not be a most practical suggestion with our given lifestyles, 
but thoda control kar lo yaar!!

have a happy and a hazard free holi!


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> Hi folks !
> With the kind permission of our beloved moderator, I would like to pose a 
> few, non-techy  queries to the list.
> We are advised to do aerobic exercises, viz. exercises like walking, 
> jogging, swimming etc where the heart also exercises along with other 
> parts of the body, to keep our body parameters like BP, blood sugar, 
> cholesterol etc in check.  Being visually challenged and 
> mobility-impaired, most of the recommended exercises are out of bounds for 
> me and, may be, most of us.
> So, how do you people keep in shape ?
> Do any of you use tread mills ?  If so, are they safe for us ?  What 
> additional safety features do we have to look for while buying a TM ? 
> What other alternatives are there ? (Recently, I came across a strange new 
> exercising machine that costs just Rs 7500 where one can lie on one's back 
> and keep the feet on its pedals that then move on electric power.  Pl see 
> morningwalker.com for more details.)
> Please share your valuable experiences in remaining healthy with our 
> disability.  Being on the wrong side of forty and with a sedentary yet 
> stressful IT job, I look forward to your valuable inputs for keeping my 
> body and soul together. (smile)
> Happy Holi and thanks...
> Rgds
> RS
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