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New drug hope for the blind
15 Mar 2008, 0310 hrs IST
  LONDON: A ray of hope for millions of visually
challenged people worldwide! A new
drug to treat common forms of blindness is all set to
go for clinical trial.
  Researchers at the University of Bristol have
developed the drug to treat eye diseases
affecting the elderly and diabetics, such as
age-related muscular degeneration (AMD)
and diabetic etinopathy, the British media reported
  The research team, led by professor Dave Bates
and Dr Steve Harper of the university's
Microvascular Research Laboratories, has
identified a novel, naturally occurring
form of a compound which inhibits the formation
of new blood vessels — a major cause
of the "wet" type of AMD and also diabetic
  The news of the drug comes just days after
scientists had claimed that a bionic
eye. The device consists of three elements.
First, a miniature camera worn in a pair
of dark glasses, which transmits images to a
radio receiver implanted near the patient's
eye. This then sends a signal on to a tiny chip that
sits on the retina.
  The chip's electrodes stimulate the ganglion
cells that transmit visual information
to the optic nerve and onwards to the brain.

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