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When do you plan to have this workshop?
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> Dear Friends ,
> India Centre for Human Rights and Law (ICHRL) is
> planning a half day
> workshop on the role of content creators, in films,
> television and the
> written media. The aim of the workshop is to sensitize
> media persons on
> portraying the disabled without resorting to cheap
> gimmicks that would
> offend the sensibilities of the disabled community.
> ICHRL is a comprehensive human rights centre that
> fights for access to
> justice for all vulnerable sections of society,
> including women,
> children, disabled, and other minorities and
> vulnerable communities. As
> a part of the Disability Rights Network, ICHRL runs a
> disability rights
> initiative which provides legal aid and counseling to
> the disabled.
> Approximately 10 percent of the world's population has
> some form of
> disability. Historically persons with disabilities
> have been subjected
> to physical and mental abuse by their able
> counterparts. Given the
> oppression suffered by the disabled, there is every
> reason to believe it
> is a matter of utmost importance to include them into
> the social
> mainstream. It is not the disability per se which
> renders persons with
> disabilities more vulnerable to abuse but the negative
> social
> perceptions and stigmatization, which reduces them to
> positions of
> powerlessness and dependence.
> Media organizations have an enormous influence in
> educating and
> empowering individuals. The extent, to which they can
> play a positive or
> a negative role, is evident from Bollywood itself. On
> the one hand there
> are insensitive films where the disabled have been
> portrayed in a
> derogatory fashion while on the other hand there are
> sensitive movies
> like Tare Zameen Par, Iqbal and Black. This shows how
> essential it is to
> communicate the right message to the public.
> This workshop is an acknowledgment that in-depth,
> sensitive and accurate
> portrayal of the issue can contribute substantially
> towards meeting this
> challenge. We are planning to invite representatives
> from disability
> organizations, print, television and films. Through
> this program we hope
> to initiate a process which will focus on improving
> the understanding of
> media professionals where disability related issues
> are concerned and
> improve their ability to communicate effectively with
> the general
> public. We have requested CBFC (Central Board of Film
> Certification) to
> join us in this discussion and help us in getting a
> better of the
> disabled and move towards a better portrayal of the
> disabled. This will
> be an opportunity for participants who have worked on
> this issue both as
> a member of the media and as a Disability Rights
> activist to meet on a
> common platform and review current media trends vis a
> vis disability.
> You and your students are cordially invited to this
> meeting.
> Organizing Committee
> Prof Nandini Sardesai, Sociologist and member CBFC and
> Consumer
> Complaints Council ASCI;
> Deepika D'Souza Executive Director, ICHRL;
> Nilesh Singit, Co-ordinator Disability Rights
> Initiative, ICHRL
> Sujata Krishnamurthi, Associate Editor, Combat Law,
> Contact
> Sujata Krishnamurthi 9820050453 sujatakrish at gmail.com
> <mailto:sujatakrish at gmail.com>
> Nilesh Singit nileshsingit at yahoo.co.uk
> <mailto:nileshsingit at yahoo.co.uk>
> Raju Waghmare 9820946125 mswraju at yahoo.com
> <mailto:mswraju at yahoo.com>
> Reshma Jagtap at 2343 9651/2343 6692/2343 4754
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> Yours truly,
> Nilesh Singit
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