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Dear Friends ,

India Centre for Human Rights and Law (ICHRL) is
planning a half day 
workshop on the role of content creators, in films,
television and the 
written media. The aim of the workshop is to sensitize
media persons on 
portraying the disabled without resorting to cheap
gimmicks that would 
offend the sensibilities of the disabled community.

ICHRL is a comprehensive human rights centre that
fights for access to 
justice for all vulnerable sections of society,
including women, 
children, disabled, and other minorities and
vulnerable communities. As 
a part of the Disability Rights Network, ICHRL runs a
disability rights 
initiative which provides legal aid and counseling to
the disabled. 
Approximately 10 percent of the world's population has
some form of 
disability. Historically persons with disabilities
have been subjected 
to physical and mental abuse by their able
counterparts. Given the 
oppression suffered by the disabled, there is every
reason to believe it 
is a matter of utmost importance to include them into
the social 
mainstream. It is not the disability per se which
renders persons with 
disabilities more vulnerable to abuse but the negative
perceptions and stigmatization, which reduces them to
positions of 
powerlessness and dependence.

Media organizations have an enormous influence in
educating and 
empowering individuals. The extent, to which they can
play a positive or 
a negative role, is evident from Bollywood itself. On
the one hand there 
are insensitive films where the disabled have been
portrayed in a 
derogatory fashion while on the other hand there are
sensitive movies 
like Tare Zameen Par, Iqbal and Black. This shows how
essential it is to 
communicate the right message to the public.

This workshop is an acknowledgment that in-depth,
sensitive and accurate 
portrayal of the issue can contribute substantially
towards meeting this 
challenge. We are planning to invite representatives
from disability 
organizations, print, television and films. Through
this program we hope 
to initiate a process which will focus on improving
the understanding of 
media professionals where disability related issues
are concerned and 
improve their ability to communicate effectively with
the general 
public. We have requested CBFC (Central Board of Film
Certification) to 
join us in this discussion and help us in getting a
better of the 
disabled and move towards a better portrayal of the
disabled. This will 
be an opportunity for participants who have worked on
this issue both as 
a member of the media and as a Disability Rights
activist to meet on a 
common platform and review current media trends vis a
vis disability.

You and your students are cordially invited to this

Organizing Committee

Prof Nandini Sardesai, Sociologist and member CBFC and
Complaints Council ASCI;
Deepika D'Souza Executive Director, ICHRL;
Nilesh Singit, Co-ordinator Disability Rights
Initiative, ICHRL
Sujata Krishnamurthi, Associate Editor, Combat Law,


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Yours truly,
Nilesh Singit


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